Introducing Garrett Motions New GVW Series Wastegates

Garrett Advancing Motion GVW wastegates offer great flow with industry-leading durability and heat resistance as proven by extensive benchmarking and validation testing.  Garrett is an OEM ISO supplier and they can do more accurate and comprehensive testing than any aftermarket company in-house.  Before their production release, the GVW wastegates have been subject to Max Thermal Stress, Max Peak Temperature Tests, Heat Cycling Tests, Heat Durability Tests, and Heat Vibration Testing.   In most cases, the GVW wastegates beat their benchmarked competition by wide margins in these tests.

With all of that validation, we are confident that the Garrett GVW Wastegate line is going to perform very well in the heat of competition, that was a bad pun but we want to get these on some of our cars as soon as possible to get some real-world experience with them.


Garrett Advancing Motion





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  1. It seems like a really well designed and built product! The development and testing involved is so rigorous, and material choice so well considered, that you end up with a wastegate that offers reliability, durability, performance, and ease of service. Oh, and mounting/setup options to help get ideal placement on almost any build. Thoroughly enjoyed your video overview of the new wastegates as well.

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