Tesla P100D- Getting the Car Lower and Aligned Correctly With Unplugged Performance!

We recently had a Tesla P100D in the MotoIQ garage that needed to be lowered.  The owner of the car also wanted to improve tire wear which is horrendous with these cars, particularly the rear tires.  The P100D weighs 5000 lbs and has a ton of horsepower and torque. This gives the cars a voracious appetite for tires, some people wear them out in as little as a few thousand miles.  This car was no exception, it was previously lowered and the OEM suspension didn’t have enough adjustability to minimize negative camber and adjust the toe enough to prevent eating the inner edges of the tires.  We made a call to the Tesla Performance experts Unplugged Performance to see if they had anything to help us get this car where it needed to be to make its owner happy.

Unplugged supplied us with a set of their excellent adjustable rear suspension links, both their camber arms and toe links.  These links are CNC machined from 6061-T6 billet.  To prevent corrosion, they are finished with Cerekote after machining.  Cerekote is a super abrasion and corrosion-resistant coating that is as durable as plating with better resistance to corrosion.  It is a very popular finish in the firearms industry.  The arms links come with a 5-year warranty.

Unplugged supplied us with this set of toe links, these have a sufficient amount of adjustment for proper toe settings no matter how low the car is set.

We also got a set of camber arms, like the toe links, the camber arms have plenty of adjustment so the desired camber can be set no matter how low the car is.

The adjusters of these links use both right and left-handed threads with lock nuts and a center adjusting hex.  This makes adjustment quick and easy.  The adjustments can be made without unbolting one of the links at the chassis end making adjustments a snap.

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