Tesla P100D- Getting the Car Lower and Aligned Correctly With Unplugged Performance!

The spherical bearings used are very high quality.  The bearings get rid of the OEM squishy rubber bushings.  This makes them hold alignment precisely and gets rid of the gushy suspension location that can make the car feel squirmy under high loads. They have high misalignment boots that not only keep water and dirt out of them but also provide damping so the links will not rattle.  They have very low sticksion so they will not only improve the preciseness of the tire’s alignment but improve ride as well.   Unlike other links with spherical bearings, the Unplugged Performance parts will not squeak or rattle.  On a car that virtually makes no noise like a Tesla, this is pretty important.

We also got a Sports Dynamic Air Suspension Upgrade Kit from Unplugged. This is the best way to lower a Model S with air suspension.  The kit consists of brackets that relocate the system ride height sensors.  They have two positions, lowered and factory ride height. This allows you to return the car quickly to stock height if so desired.   The kit retains the factory adjustments, just makes them lower.

You can see the two adjustment points here. ST is the stock ride height setting, SP is the lower one.

We started our installation by removing the car’s tires.

We tackled the toe links first. The chassis side bolts were somewhat difficult to remove.

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