Tesla P100D- Getting the Car Lower and Aligned Correctly With Unplugged Performance!

Like the rear, we set the Unplugged bracket in the low setting and used the Blox link to fine adjust the ride height. Once everything was in place, we set the ride height and then aligned the car using settings that were optimized for tire life.

We realigned the car on the low setting.  We set the front end for one degree negative and zero toe.  The rear we set at zero degrees camber and one-eighth inch toe in.  Hopefully, this will reduce the rear suspension’s tendency to eat the inside of the tires.

As before our car looks really good, now the suspension has an alignment that doesn’t eat tires and we can set the car to the stock ride height quickly in one step. When driving, the toe link and camber arm do not add to the car’s NVH.  Overall we were really impressed with the quality and ease of use of the Unplugged Performance parts and would recommend them to any Tesla owner.


Unplugged Performance


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