Japanventures: Part 1 – Sano Tochigi New Years Classic Car Meet


One of the bumper stickers on this Morgan read, “One for all, all for Morgan!” 
Ever wonder where your rallied out Lancer came from?  Here is your answer: first gen Lancer, Galant FTO and rally prepped Galant.
Prince 2000/Skyline.
A few Datsun Fairladys came out, which was the predecessor to the infamous Z. 
This car was difficult to identify… I had to call in some reinforcement to give it a name.  This is a first generation Isuzu Gemini with a “facelift”
A Toyota Crown and an Isuzu 117. These Toyota Crowns always look like they started to build one car and halfway through changed their mind. Sorry Crown fans!
1966 Honda Sports 800.

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