Japanventures: Part 1 – Sano Tochigi New Years Classic Car Meet


The Datsun Bluebird was one of Nissan's highest production vehicles at the time.  Despite the high volume only two Bluebirds came out to the event. 
If there is a “king” of Japanese classic cars, the Toyota 2000GT would have to be it.  The owner of this car was really outgoing and let me sit inside and take loads of pictures.  He even has Tsukuba plates on the car!
Quite the line up of heavy hitters: Marcos Mantula, Jaguar Mark II, Toyota 2000GT, Mercedes W111, and a first gen Mazda Cosmo
Ever heard of the Marcos Mantula?
So you like carbon fiber?  The owner of this AZ1 made all the carbon fiber body panel pieces himself. 
Over 15 AZ1's showed up to this meet.  I dare a Honda Beat to drive into the middle of this gang!
First gen Datsun 240Z and another Datsun Sports.

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