Japanventures: Part 1 – Sano Tochigi New Years Classic Car Meet



I Caught this great shot of the rear end of some great looking AZ1s! Oh yeah I guess there is a first gen Hakosuka GTRInside the heart of the Hakosuka… 
More Celicas!
Woah a Ferrari F40 showed up…. oh wait, nope. Just another AZ1
Overview from the top of the city hall building showing only one of the three lots filled with cars from the meet.
Thanks Yutaka! 

I feel so grateful that I was invited to this show.  I wanted to send out a special thank you to my friend Yutaka, who is the whole reason I got the opportunity to come out to the meet and made sure that I didn’t get lost on my way out there.  A majority of the cars that showed up were in mint condition and I know that I would have never gotten an opportunity to sit in so many rare cars had it not been for him introducing me to everyone.  You rock!  Stay tuned for further updates on my Japan adventures…

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