Keeping the BMW E92 M3 Cool With CSF Radiators


You can see the CSF cooler’s mounting bracket that allows direct bolt in to the chassis here.  You can also see the inlet and outlet tubes with the block like connector.  This extra trouble CSF has taken in the kit’s fabrication goes a long way towards ease of installation!
The CSF oil cooler is huge.  The factory oil cooler is also pretty big but the CSF part is both deeper and thicker.  It also has all of the correct factory mounting tabs welded in place. With cast end tanks, it is reminiscent of an intercooler.
The factory oil lines also have aluminum block and O-ring type connections.  If you are puzzled, these types of connectors are often found in vehicle air conditioning systems. BMW must like these in general. The oil cooler employs a turbulated bar and plate heat exchanger construction. This means that each cooling passage has an extruded in set of fins that make the oil flow turbulent and help conduct heat to the outside of the tube.
We also installed CSF’s power steering cooler. CSF’ cooler uses a 18mm, dual pass brazed core.Each row has 4 conductive channels in it.  This compares favorably to the stock pressed together core. CSF’s core has 83% more surface area and is 40% more efficient than stock. The M3 steering rack has plastic bushings that support the rack that are easily damaged by heat.  Some track driven M3’s have had heat related rack problems that required rack replacement.  Power steering issues start with the steering effort getting higher as the temperatures climb. Like everything else, CSF’s power steering cooler bolts right in as a direct stock replacement.
In order to mount our coolant temperature sensor for the test, we got these cool water temp sensor bosses from MachtSchnell.  European Auto Source was kind enough to supply them for us.
To monitor the transmission temperatures we also got this neat European Auto Source supplied, MachtSchnell transmission temperature sensor boss. This makes temperature monitoring of the DTC transmission a snap, even with the tricky BMW hose terminations.

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