Keeping the BMW E92 M3 Cool With CSF Radiators


This shows the MachtSchnell temp sensor boss in place.  You have to tweak the stock hardlines on the vehicle side a little to make room for it but it is not a big deal.
With all of the CSF goodies in place, we hit the track again. Being later in the day, the temperatures were higher, in the low 100s. This would have made the stock car go tilt right away!
Lap after lap, the temperatures were much more stable.
We ran two back to back sessions to see if the temps were indeed nice and stable.  We were also checking to see if we could get the temperatures to run away. Although we did not wire the power steering system for temperature monitoring, we noted no increase in steering effort nor any puking of fluid from the reservoir as many M3 owners have experienced even with the afternoon’s higher temperatures.
The testing was a success, The radiator out temps dropped from 255 degrees to a manageable 212 degrees. The oil temps dropped from an out of control 262 degrees to a safe 222 degrees. The transmission temps dropped from 246 degrees to 194 degrees. These temps were average temps, there were a few short spikes of higher temperatures but when a spike happened, it quickly dropped back down. We had measured temperatures that were quite a bit lower despite having ambient air temperatures that were at least 10 degrees higher than the starting base line testing air temperatures.

Our testing of CSF’s heat exchanger kit for the E92 M3 was a huge success. We found the kit to be extremely high quality and a very easy direct bolt in for exchange with the OEM parts. We feel that this kit is mandatory for the M3 that is driven on the track or aggressively for long periods of time.  We even feel that it is quite helpful for the car that is driven in heavy traffic as well as there are a lot of overheating complaints out there during urban use.

CSF’s kit dropped temperatures from an area of danger to quite safe with even a margin for more. Not only is the CSF cooling system better than stock, we also think that it is a must have for the performance M3 driver.



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