Keeping the BMW E92 M3 Cool With CSF Radiators


A side profile view shows how much thicker the CSF core is.  The B-Tubes also give a lot more internal surface area for heat exchange. The polished tanks are a nice touch.
We had mentioned BMW’s quick release coolant hose connectors a few pages back, well this is what they look like.  They are one of the few parts of a BMW that are easy to work on!
Pure Performance had cut a small piece out of the hose so we could install the MachtSchnell coolant sensor boss before we had left for the track.
Compared to the stock part on top, the CSF power steering cooler on the bottom is huge!
While the radiator was out, we unbolted the AC system condenser and moved it back so we could get at the power steering cooler to change it.  The CSF power steering cooler is designed to work with all available front mount intercoolers.
With the front bumper cover off we were able to access the engine oil cooler.

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