Keeping the BMW E92 M3 Cool With CSF Radiators


With the MachtSchnell sensor boss, the oil temp sensors can simply screw in right here.  No fabrication required!
Our subject E92 M3 is a well modded street car that has all of the suspension, brake and tire appointments that makes a fully streetable, yet still a great track car. It is capable of decently fast lap times.
We went to Chuckwalla  raceway in the middle of Palm Desert which is pretty darned hot in the late summer/fall in Southern California. We ran the car hard for about 30 minutes straight or what is a typically track session to record baseline temperatures. The car’s fluids got pretty sizzling hot, to the point where we would have to stop running to avoid damage.  However, we did not get the increasing power steering effort that many complain about with temperature. Our radiator out temperature was a sizzling 255 degrees, our transmission temperature was 246 degrees and our oil temp was a hurting 262 degrees.  All of these temps were into the danger zone.
After recording our baseline temperatures, the guys at Pure Performance tore into the car to change out all of the stock heat exchangers for the CSF parts.
The radiator was removed first. We would also have to remove the front bumper cover and unbolt but not remove the AC condenser.
You can see here just how much more substantial the CSF radiator is compared to stock.  You can also see the TIG welded construction versus the crimped on plastic end tanks of the stock radiator. Two of our own in house BMW projects have experienced failures of the crimped on end tanks so we know this is a weak point of the OEM BMW radiator.

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