KW Suspension Trackfest/Tech Expo 2020

With the 2020 SEMA show canceled due to the Covid pandemic, KW Suspension, in lieu of having their SEMA booth decided to bring a bit of a trade show to the track with their KW Trackfest/Tech Expo event at Buttonwillow raceway.  KW’s dealers, brand ambassadors, and the media were invited to attend.  KW day was both a fun track day and an informative event with tech seminars and the unveiling of KW’s new Variant IV 3-Way adjustable streetable coilover.  Participants also had the opportunity to drive their cars on the track and set up their KW Suspensions with the help of KW reps.

MotoIQ’s Martin Gonzales was out in force with his SR20VE powered B13 Sentra SE-R. This not so quite refined vehicle with its special wind-cheating textured paint set a blistering pace.

Several garages in the pits were converted into exposition halls displaying KW’s latest goods.

Here is a display showcasing KW’s track offerings starting with the 2-way adjustable Clubsport, then the 3-way adjustable Clubsport, then the 2-way adjustable Motorsports shock, the 3-way adjustable Motorsports model and finally the new 4-way adjustable Motorsports shock.

The peak of the expo was the unveiling of KW’s new Variant IV shock which is a streetable 3-way adjustable shock using KW’s street durable internals and anti corrosion technology found on its Clubsport and Variant coilovers. During the seminar KW representatives were available to field questions about their products and to help adjust their product on cars on the track.

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