KW Suspension Trackfest/Tech Expo 2020

Chris Marion brought out his Integra Type R to run some hot laps in. If this car looks familiar, it is a Hot Wheel model that anyone can buy!

GReddy brought out their S2K with a prototype of their soon to be released turbo kit.  The car ran hard all day with no thermal or overheating issues, things that often happen to turbo kitted cars when run on the track.  This speaks well of the kits engineering.

We brought out our Project FR-S.  It has been sitting in a corner for years gathering dust because no one wanted to drive it.  We got it running and hauled it to the track. Even though the tires were super old and hard, the car still handled nearly perfectly and braked amazingly well.  Stay tuned, the car is currently getting a overhaul and we are going to be bring it up to date with some new parts.

This AE86 was powered by a Toyota 1UZFE 4 liter V8 engine. The car sounded awesome and the installation was nice and clean.

Thank you KW Suspensions for making an informative and most of all fun day at the track.  We have been so busy with work around the MotoIQ headquarters we have forgotten about the joy of just being out on the track driving and putting in laps!  Everyone we spoke to at the event was having a great time and was happy about learning about KW’s latest offerings. We can wait till the next one.  Who needs the SEMA show, hahaha.


KW Suspension 


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