KW Suspension Trackfest/Tech Expo 2020

The guys from Titan 7 wheels brought a lot of cars and were driving the heck out of them.

Steve Wong from Falken Motorsports was out in his super clean EK Civic.

Steve was one of the faster streetable FWD cars out on track.  He was sporting the new Falken RT660 tires.  These show a lot of promise to rival or exceed the grip of some R compound tires with a UTQG of 200!

Our fabricator/project partner Chris Eimer of Eimer Engineering was out driving his Civic Type R.  He was one of the fastest cars that drove to the track.  It is also his daily driver which is pretty impressive.

Titan 7’s S2K was super clean and was laying down some fast laps.

Bicimoto’s  935 KV3 was having battery cooling problems which precluded it making any full tilt laps.  We can’t wait to see this beautiful cars potential once its fully sorted out!

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