LA Auto Show 2017: Nerd’s Eye View – BMW


There is a cross-over/balance tube connecting the outlets of the two air-to-water intercoolers together. The water hoses coming out of the air-to-water intercoolers also join in the middle at a T-fitting. Those should be the water outlets so as to have counter flow (as opposed to parallel flow) between the cooling water and the air coming out of the turbos; counter flow provides maximum heat transfer. Plus, with the outlets on top, any air in the system should bleed out easier going up. Notice there are small hoses hooked up to the 90-degree coolant fittings for the hoses into the intercoolers; I’m guessing those might be hoses coming out of the turbos. There are two metal hard lines going between the two turbo compressor discharge pipes. I’d guess one is for coolant feed to the turbos and the other for oil feed. Just guesses though.


The steering wheel of the M5 has sprouted a couple extra red levers in front of the shift paddles. As with all the modern high-end cars, the dash is one big display.


If anyone dings a bumper or wheel while parking this car, they just should not be driving. BMWs have full surround cameras and distance sensors now.


The shift lever, or should we call it a toggle lever, has a couple new buttons of its own.


The seats were quite supportive and have lower leg extensions for those of you on the taller end of the human spectrum.


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