LA Auto Show 2017: Nerd’s Eye View – BMW


The M5 probably need the power boost to 600hp to offset the weight from features like the rear window sunscreen and individual rear seat tv screens/monitors. If the rear passengers are distracted, they may not notice you going 155mph on the Autobahn.


Hey, a functional water bottle holder! I was digging the speaker metal mesh screens too. It looks like the woofer located at the end of the arm rest is ~3.5” diameter and the tweeter is in the bottom corner of the window.


This is one of the new M models that’s proliferating through the product lines, M550i. I kind of actually prefer it to the M5, as it’s surely still crazy fast, but not as rowdy as the M5. If I’m going to get an insane-mode fast car, it’ll be a 2-seater. I must be getting old.


A twin-turbo V8 also resides under the hood of the M550i. But the intake side piping is significantly different. The M550i has a much more convoluted air intake path to the turbo compressor inlets. Whereas the M5 has massive airboxes that feed pretty much straight into the turbos, the M550i has some weird intake path where it looks like it goes to an airbox mounted at the rear of the engine bay and then does a 180 degree turn back towards the front only to make yet another 180 degree turn into the turbo inlets. This setup is probably quieter as this car is more restrained. Well, without the massive M5 airboxes, there is room to have a chassis brace go from the shock tower to the front of the engine bay. The air-to-water ICs are different than the M5; they look smaller and also don’t have the cross-over tube connecting the two.


Grill shutters are closed behind the BMW kidney grills to reduce drag. The M5 has no such devices to improve MPG because whoever buys a M5 is likely to care little about trying to save gas.


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