LA Auto Show 2017: Nerd’s Eye View – BMW


At first, I didn’t realize this thing was electric. Then I noticed there’s not really a radiator behind the front tire, so no internal combustion engine to cool. With a relatively small front wheel, dual disk brakes are used up front; often a single disk is used on non-performance two-wheels road vehicles. Or worse, a drum.


The rear has a single disk brake. In front of the rear wheel is a cylinder-shaped thing which appears to be the electric motor.


Walking to the other side, it became obvious this is not a shaft drive. Being sealed, I’d guess belt drive.

There was a whole lot of electrons in the BMW booth this year. Granted, BMW has shown off the i3/i8 all electric cars and plug-in cars before. But they had sportier plug-in hybrids this year along with this electric two-wheeled city mobile. The internal combustion engines got upgrades too with the M5 getting a significant refresh and more power. What’s to come in BMW’s future? I’d guess high performance hybrids like Porsche is doing.



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