LA Auto Show 2017: Nerd’s Eye View – BMW


The all-common heat exchanger mounted in the front corner on these powerful turbocharged cars. That air slot is a drag reducing feature pretty much on all BMWs now.


These slots at the rear of the front wheel wells is another aero drag reducing feature seen across the BMW lineup.


The muffler setup looks more massive compared to the M5 likely to make the car quieter. It appears to use an electric rotary actuator to open up the loud valve. Yes, I made up that term.


Getting even more mundane is this 5-series plug-in hybrid. You can see the charge port door above the fender vent.


As with the other German makes, a turbo gas engine is used as part of the hybrid powertrain. The high-voltage system is perfect for the coming of e-turbos in a few years; finally, some trickle-down F1 turbo tech. E-turbos will make turbo lag a thing of the past.


The luxury makes are doing this thing now where they project their emblem on the ground when the door is open. I mean, it’s kinda cool, but I personally don’t want to pay the money for it given the option.


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