LA Auto Show 2017: Nerd’s Eye View – Unique Cars, Engines, and Things


Some NACA duct-like cutout features in the front undertray provide cooling air to something. As we learned on Project Corvette C7, some of the cooling air may be for the power steering.


The Honda Accord can be had with a turbocharged 2.0L engine now. How awesome is that? I’m still not a fan of the air intake/turbo layout, but I’m sure the engineers were forced into this non-optimal layout (from a big power viewpoint). It does use a snorkel (lower right) to get cold air to the airbox. Then, it has to make the trip across the engine bay and make a 180 degree turn into the compressor inlet of the turbo. That black plastic container on the intake is likely for acoustic tuning. I suppose the Accord shouldn’t sound like a Civic Type-R. If you pick one of these turbo Accord to put in your driveway, do yourself a favor and get a Hondata Flashpro for it. Hondata has a CARB legal Flashpro tune for the 1.5L turbo Civic, so I have no doubt they will have the same for the Accord.


This is a big sedan from Genesis. I think Genesis is basically a brand now, the high-end Hyundai.


Again, the engine bay looks similar to BMW with a twin-turbo V-layout engine, twin airboxes, and the chassis bracing going from the shock towers to the front of the engine bay.


The intercooler pipe going from the intercooler to the throttle body has some kind of coating on it that I’m assuming is for thermal insulation. Typical IC piping is aluminum which is a great conductor of heat; hence its use for heat sinks. Air coming off the radiator is hot (and we measured it on Project S2000 AP2). So, it’s a good idea to have thermal insulation of the IC pipe as you don’t want to heat up the charge air wit hot air coming off the radiator after the charge air just got cooled by the intercooler.


A big rubbery/foamy seal on the bottom of the hood really seals off the engine bay. I guess to reduce NVH as the Genesis is a luxury sedan and their customer demographic doesn’t like things like engine noises.


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