LA Auto Show 2017: Nerd’s Eye View – Unique Cars, Engines, and Things


The tube bends down and goes into the bottom of the air-to-water intercooler. It looks like the throttle body is on the side of the intercooler. You can see how the plastic end-tank of the intercooler is shaped to help evenly distribute the airflow. The air then goes through the intercooler and into the intake ports of the head.


The Jeep has a pretty sizeable exhaust piping and a massive resonator in the middle.

So, that’s it from the 2017 LA Auto Show from us. There’s more turbos, more batteries, more electric motors, more power, and more MPG. In half a decade, I think the e-turbos will arrive and the cars are ready for them as BMW already has gasoline turbo engines paired to high voltage hybrid systems. E-turbos will drop right in when they become available. Say goodbye to turbo lag. The big question in the auto industry is if there’s a place for fuel cell vehicles. But hey, for people like us who like performance, things are looking bright when even Toyota makes the Camry look sporty.

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