LA Auto Show 2017: Nerd’s Eye View – Unique Cars, Engines, and Things


The power density of a fuel cell can be increased by the use of forced induction just like internal combustion engines. Toyota uses what appears to be a roots style positive displacement blower.


The carbon fiber reinforced storage tanks hold hydrogen at 10,000 PSI. Back in the day, it was around 5,000 PSI. The higher the pressure, the more mass of hydrogen in the tank- basic chemistry and ideal gas law. This valve at the bottom of the tank, well, it’s gotta be pretty strong.


This is what a hydrogen fuel pump handle looks like. Whatever sealing technique it’s using, it has to hold at least 10,000 PSI.


Just one of the cleaning crews working through the show. The Volvo plug-in hybrid has its charge port in the left front fender which is the same as BMW. It seems to be the preferred location as the car can be parked forward or backwards and the charging cable will reach.


Check out the welding masks. A bit overkill, but they were using the propane torches to toast some awesome smelling goodness.


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