Level Motorsport BMW E30: Part 2 – Brakes and engine

We're back, checking out Level Motorsport's menacing BMW E30 racer!

Level Motorsport BMW E30: Part 2 – Brakes and Engine

The secrets to this car's braking and engine performance

by Pablo Mazlumian

(photos by Martin Gonzales and courtesy Level Motorsport)

In Part 1 of this awesome build, we featured Rocco Bocchicchio's meticulous work with the cage, and his secrets to getting so much grip by way of good aero and super fat, sticky tires. Today we look into what helps get the car slowed down as well as how it pulls away from the rest of the pack.


In Part 1 we featured some of the car's crazy aerodynamics, as well as it's 10-point roll cage and its widebody fabrication that allows it to have 275-mm Hoosier slicks at all four corners!
When it comes to braking, Wilwood is a huge name. In fact, we have a front and rear big brake kit on our own Project E46 M3. Rocco modulates braking in his E30 BMW 325i with this Wilwood pedal set.
The Wilwood master cylinder for the clutch (left) is a 3/4-in while the master cylinders for the rear and front brakes are both 5/8-in. They are held in place by a bracket Rocco made.
And here are the corresponding master cylinder reservoirs protruding from the passenger-side dash, making it very obvious to the driver if the car is low on vital fluids.
Mounted in the engine bay is the Wilwood proportioning valve, which allows the BMW's front-to-rear brake bias to be messed with, which not only greatly affects braking balance but also turn-in when either in a left-foot or trail-brake situation.

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