Level Motorsport BMW E30: Part 2 – Brakes and engine


Rocco uses Torco SR1 10w-60 oil in this car, and in order to keep that oil cool, he installed a Mishimoto 19-row oil cooler, which takes care of the oil coming from an S54 (E46 M3) oil filter housing.

The exhaust starts with a set of E36 Raceland headers, which merge in a 6-into-2 format, but Rocco reports he's got a new set of prototypes in the works for winter, and yes, brought to you by Level Motorsports for those interested.

The exhaust then flows through a custom 2-to-1 Y-pipe that branches out to a custom 3-in stainless steel exhaust with V-band clamps, and eventually exits via a Flowmaster Pro Series muffler.

In the cylinder head, there are a few upgrades, including OE BMW S50B30 cams (10.3mm and 9.7mm lift w/ 255/244 degree duration) from a Euro 3.0-liter E36 M3, Supertech dual valve springs (84 lb @ 35.7mm), Supertech retainers, and port and polishing work done by Level Motorsport. These upgrades have allowed tuner Alex Fuller to set the redline safely to 7500 RPM, as you'll see evident in the dyno sheet on the next page.

For the drivetrain, this E30 uses a ZF310 transmission from a 1995 BMW M3, as well as a 3.15 LSD differential unit from a Z3 M Roadster. The driveshaft is a stock E36 328i unit with an E30 CSB flipped. And lastly there's an 11.2-lb ACT Prolite Chromoly flywheel spinning alongside an ACT single disc, 6-puck racing clutch.


When it comes to in-house fabrication, Rocco has done it all. Here is just another quick example to show you, which are his solid transmission brace bushings…
…as well as his oil catch can located on the passenger side, behind the Mishimoto radiator.

So how much power is this car making, you ask? Check out the dyno sheet on the next page. We can't conclude this article without a couple more glamour shots of the car taken by Martin, so we've included those on the last page as well.

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