Level Motorsport BMW E30: Part 2 – Brakes and engine


When the car came back from the paint shop, the tubing reinforcement was painted so that you barely notice it upon first glance when the hood is open. We conclude that, after witnessing all of the tubing he used in Part 1–all 153 feet worth–this is one heavily reinforced chassis!

And now we finally get to some engine details on this car. Don't forget that this car was built with nearly 100% hand-me-down, second-hand components and Rocco refuses to buy new parts for it. So it's incredible to think what he's been able to come up with in this too-cool-to-call “junk” build. The front of this car, especially with that Mishimoto intercooler and massive splitter, gives off a completely menacing look. You wouldn't want to see this in your rear view mirror!

The engine itself is a factoy 2.8-liter inline-six transplanted from an E36 BMW 328i, also known as the M52B28 in BMW geek talk. The radiator you see up front is a Mishimoto as well.

At the heart of the boost part of the motor sits a Vortech V3 supercharger, which is seen here getting a V-band coupling welded on for fitment. Check out Rocco's handy fabrication with the charge pipe on the next page.

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