Level Motorsport BMW E30: Part 2 – Brakes and engine


The Vortech V3 uses a 2.87-in pulley and breathes through a custom charge built in-house by Level Motorsport, as seen here in just the tack weld phase.
Here is the finished product on the supercharger side of things. Also notice the fabrication work on the intercooler piping going to the throttle body. Everything looks fairly clean, and very robust.
The V3 blower is fitted with a 2.87-in pulley, good for 11 PSI. How much power do you think it's worth?  (dyno sheet on page 6). Also notice that the radiator pipe has been custom fabricated as well so as to not have to use silicone or rubber.
When looking at the back of the car, you might notice a few fuel lines going up underneath the right rear quarter panel.
Those lines lead to the Level Motorsport fabricated 1.5-liter surge tank, which is there to provide a secondary fuel system in the event of too much fuel slosh during high G cornering or braking when the fuel level is low. It's fed by a 255 LPH Walbro while the main system runs off of a Walbro 450 E85-compatible fuel pump. In fact, this allows Rocco to race with just enough fuel without the worry of fuel starvation during high G cornering. On the next page is the finished, installed product.

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