LS Fest West 2019 – Drift Challenge Recap
Southern California natives and Milestar Tires teammates Jon Shaffer and Josh Mason. It was a pretty close call from a spectator’s perspective, but Shaffer applied just a little more pressure and took the win.
It’s always a great time watching FD PRO2 licensed driver Blaize Potts drive. Potts went against a beast of a car piloted by Marcus Fry and won the battle.
I (Rathyna Gomer) in my LS3 350z battled against Brandon Schmidt in his 800+ hp s13. After a much stronger chase run, Schmidt took the win.

Now after an exciting Top 16 bracket, the competition moves onto the Great 8.

This was also a very exciting battle to watch. Both McDougall and Gross are aggressive drivers. Unfortunately, Gross had to call a competition timeout due to a broken power steering line going to his steering rack and wasn’t able to make back on track on time. McDougall moves on in competition.
This was probably the best battle of the entire competition. Here we have Hamilton against Cisneros, both who have competed on the pro-level previously. This battle resulted in a one-more-time (OMT). Even in the second battle, spectators were left scratching their heads as to who won. It was a close call but the judges ruled in Hamilton’s favor.
After making his way to the Great 8, Shaffer meets the monstrous Goble and ends up losing the battle.

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