LS Fest West 2019 – Drift Challenge Recap

Not pictured: Potts battles against Schmidt. Despite his aggressive driving style, Schmidt stayed right on Potts’ door and gets the win.

After an exciting Great 8, the Top 4 continue is an epic way.

This was an exciting comeback for Hamilton and his hunger for the podium showed in this battle against McDougall as he took the win. McDougall still has a chance to make it to podium however in his contingency battle for third place.
This was the battle everyone was waiting for and the bracket was setup in a way that we would see teammates Goble and Schmidt near the finale. It was clear these guys had driven together quite a bit and their cars were a perfect match. However, Schmidt wasn’t letting him go and took the win.
The contingency battle for 3rd place is always a fun one to watch. Goble battles it out against McDougall. After a hard battle, McDougall takes home third place for the second year in a row.
In the finale, we find two pro-level cars piloted by Hamilton and Schmidt. This was a great comeback story for Hamilton, but Schmidt’s driving did the talking resulting in him taking home first place overall. Hamilton walks away with second place – not bad.

Part of the reason drivers continue to return year after year is for the strong camaraderie that takes place on and off track, which can be seen through a few teams that traveled together. This year was no different!

Team Scoundrels travelled from St. George, UT and showcased three of their very one – Blaize Potts with hisĀ  LS1-powered orange 1988 Mazda Rx7 Fc3s with a LS1, JR Faber and his LS2-powered s13, and Cody Stump and his LS1-equipped (with a Holley Terminator EFI setup) s13 coupe.

Team Scoundrels’ approach in building their cars has always been reliability and for that reason they have stayed away from high-hp modifications. From the words of team, “Our overall impression of the event was great as usual. This was our 3rd year attending LS Fest, and we’ll be back every year. The drift challenge portion is run very well, Nick Swann and his crew know how to run a tight ship. We’re super thankful for the organizers, and really just thankful that they’ve given us a place to be Scoundrels.”

Ian McDougall, who finished third place overall for the second year in a row, made it out to LS Fest West for a third year in a row in his LS1 powered s14. His build features a custom cam, Holley Performance Intake, a build T56 transmission, while putting down a reliable 395 hp & 380 tq. McDougall traveled from Denver, CO and has roots with Drift Colorado and After Hours Autosports. He says that he’s, “definitely trying to keep my annual tradition going to keep coming back every year.”

LS Fest West competitor and the official Organizer of Drift Colorado, Levi Wait, traveled along side McDougall to the event. Wait is a chiropractor by day, a father/husband in the evening, and a mechanic by night. Standing out of the crowd, Wait showcased a 1994 BMW 325is with a LS6 forged stroker, making 420 whp and 450 wtq. He prides himself in having build the car himself in his garage and has been building the same chassis since 2009.

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