Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, BBi Autosport’s Pikes Peak Porsche 911 Turbo

This is the hood NACA duct that keeps the front brakes cool.

The frunk contains the electric power steering.  This is a Porsche Motorsports electric over hydraulic unit.  It is pretty neat as it is all self-contained.  It can be adapted into any car actually!  There is also a single AP air jack mounted here.

The Tilton master cylinders and the KW remote reservoir are mounted here.

The rear exhaust once completed is very stunning, two large thinwall inconel tips for the exhaust exit in the rear center of the car flanked by two smaller wastegate discharge tubes.

You can see the inconel pipework here with the Turbosmart wastegates. Surprisingly there is no rear diffuser so the car relies on its rear wing to make downforce.

Here is the BBi 3.8-liter turbo powerplant just under the rear deck.  The engine uses XRP ethanol safe teflon line and AN fittings, Hydraflow couplers, an IPD big plenum, and 82mm throttle body and Injector Dynamics 2000cc injectors.  The engine management is set to run flex fuel with an ethanol content sensor.  The air filters and carbon fiber airbox are by K&N.


  1. The power steering pump is actually a generic TRW item.
    No need to buy the $$$ Porsche Motorsport item if You wish to adapt it in any other car.
    I know, I have installed a few.

    Opel/Vauxhall part no 93179569.

      1. Looks to be, yes.
        Works great, basically needs two wires to run.

        OEM Numbers: 5948009, 5948001, 5948127, 5948128, 93188235, 93188236, 13105726, 24436412.
        TRW part no: JER100 or JER108 (difference is in connectors, which are anyway useless for a custom install)

          1. Twist is right about that one. Also used on most rally cars, and can be used on just about anything really. They are abundant over here in Europe.

        1. This is GREAT info. I remember the Pro Awesome guys were telling us about an alternative part number for the Porsche Motorsports pump that they used on their Evo and was a fraction of the cost. Thank you for sharing the part numbers!!!

          1. Keep in mind that the pressure hose needs to have an O-ring at the end of it.
            I have used the original fitting from the Opel pipe, because those are max 5€ at the wrecking yard and readily available.
            It seem that Speedflow 741-06, Earls 961955ERL or 991955ERL will also fit.

            I wouldn’t recommend trying to seal it with just a washer.

  2. Is there any inherent limitation in using a strut front suspension or can you still get good performance from it? I guess that it performs just fine if Porsche has stuck with it all these years, but strut = economy to me.

    1. The biggest problem is the lack of negative camber gain under compression so it is possible to gain positive camber under roll. However, there are a lot of high-end performance cars that have strut front suspension. It is interesting to note that the 911 GT3RSR has unequal length a-arms in the front now.

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