Weber 46 carbs are the most visible component of this very clean engine bay.

But the story behind this car is even better than being found five levels underground within a baseball throw's distance from the Toronto Blue Jays' home field. This car was originally purchased in Germany, raced in Monaco and then in Italy. It may have been a rally car for a while. And then it was purchased by an individual in North America with ties to the mob. In fact, he 'borrowed' a significant amout of money to purchase a bunch of European cars with the intention that once they arrived in North America he would sell them and then return the 'borrowed' funds. Unfortunately for this creative individual, he was found murdered in his garage before the cars arrived. The cars were then in a state of limbo for years. Finally cleared for sale in the early 90's, this car was raced from the 90's on to 2005. At that point a Toronto businessman purchased it for track use but, after finding it was not what he really wanted, parked it in a garage where it sat for eight years until John got it in 2013. Shortly after I got these photos and interviewed John, this Machine-Motorsports 911S was sold to another Porsche enthusiast.


Can you believe the number of wires running from the distributor cap of this six cylinder Porsche? If you know Porsche's, then this won't be a surprise!
John is an eclectic collector. It doesn't matter what kind of automobile it is or where it was manufactured – he likes them all. The desire to experience a true downforce car led him to purchase this twelve year old Radical. That it was in pristine shape and ready to race made it that much easier to pick up!

Before we look at some of the other Porsche's that John has, there is some diversity in his paddock. In keeping with a unique approach to automobiles, John selected a slightly older Radical that has a stick shift rather than a paddle shifter as he knew that it would provide for greater driver invovlement. While likely giving up a second a lap at CTMP (Mosport), John would not have it any other way. This SR-3 was purchased used from Robert at Radical Canada. In addition to promoting all things Radical, Robert is a true Porsche enthusiast. With Porsches and Radicals being common bonds it's only natural that these two are buddies.


What's not to like about a Radical SR-3? Even better, a barely used model with an upsized 1500cc engine.

This 2004 SR-3 comes with the upgraded 1500cc engine and has only had 24 hours logged since new. Radicals have great aerodynamics and John wanted the experience of a high downforce car. Even though it has a stick and a clutch, that is only used for downshifting. Clutchess upshifts all the way. This car is easily capable of laptimes in the low 1:20's at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park – historically known as Mosport.


Here the SR-3 is parked in the paddock at CTMP with the straight between Turn 1 and Turn 2 in the background. Photo supplied by Machine-Motorsports.
Radical Canada goes above and beyond to support Radical owners during events. Even better, these cars are really reliable and a thrill to drive. Someday I hope to be able to share my experiences from the driver's seat of a Radical! Photo supplied by Machine-Motorsports.

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