No, this is not an updated paint job. This is a completely different 914-6. After all, two is better than one! Photo supplied by Machine-Motorsports.

This white Porsche 914 is another fine example of the 914-6. This car was originally sold in the United States to a U.S. Army Officer. When he was stationed in Germany for three years, he took the car with him. While there he was involved in local races and hill climbs. In Germany he purchased and had a local dealer install an authenic GT flare kit on his car.


At the Glen the 914-6 was running on bias ply tires, dealing with ignition issues that plagued the car right up until the race. Starting 43 out of 46 cars on a cold and damp day, the #54 car finished in 13th spot with a fast lap of 2:20. I can only guess that bias ply tires would be a handful in those weather conditions. John figures that Hoosier R7 tires will take three or four seconds off of these lap times.

The Officer brought the 914 back to the States and, in the early 80's, sold it. The next owner raced it with SCCA on the East Coast from Daytona to Lime Rock. At some point it was stored and all that was heard about it was rumours. John heard some of those rumours while racing at Watkins Glen and began searching. That search ended at a steel shipping container that was parked at a farm. The doors opened and revealed a very dusty car whose bumpers were held on by duct tape. Obviously, John purchased it and his first race in it was at Watkins Glen October 8/9, 2016 where the car was running 2:20's. (For comparison, running our ChumpCar Miata at the Glen my times were 2:24/2:25.) Talk about coming full circle – this 914-6 has been there, done that, and is now coming back for more!

What can I say about this 1974 Carrera! As the drivetrain was in pieces while I was visiting the angles for taking photographs was limited. Hopefully, you can tell that this is an amazing automobile. This was Ralph Meaney's race car.

You might recognize this car. Ralph Meany – in 1970 at the Daytona 24 Hours Meaney/Wright/Bean raced a 911S to a class win – was the owner of this 1974 Carrera. Ralph was also an avid racer of the 914-6 chassis. This Carrera was Ralph's last race car and he raced it in his semi-retirement from 1974 to 1983. Ralph was in process of rebuilding the car to compete with it at the Rennsport Reunion, but he simply ran out of time and energy. John bought it in 2015 and, after rebuilding, plans to have it at Rennsport 2018.


Ralph purchased the Porsche in 1973 and it was on the race track in no time. It is an amazing automobile. John purchased it in 2015.

This car, prior to John getting it, was a one owner car. Being that the owner and driver was Ralph Meaney this is a car that has historic value. As a car with both a race and historic pedigree, every aspect of the rebuild and refresh will be period correct.


In 1975 the car was built into an RSR. It's 3 litre engine putting out about 350 HP. Currently the engine and transmission need to be rebuilt. Dave Margolese at EuroTune will be doing the mechanic heading up this project. It has the RSR suspension and a huge 28 gallon enduro racing cell. The wheels are HRE 3 piece – 16×11 rear and 16×9 front.
This 74 Carrera, built into an RSR, has a 10 000 RPM tachometer – in and of itself a rare and unique piece of Porsche history.

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