The Amazing HKS R35 GT-R

The Amazing HKS R35 GT-R

by Mike Kojima Photos by Andrew Perry and Mike Kojima

When Motovicity Distribution announced The HKS Speed Ring Time Attack at Cal Speedway, the unique draw besides the guaranteed purse for the winners was the announcement that HKS would be bringing their Time Attack R35 GT-R to the States, throwing down the gauntlet and offering a $20,000 prize to any team that could beat the car.

We had seen the car run in Australia at the World Time Attack and knew it was fast, especially with JGTC driver Nob Taniguchi at the wheel.  We knew the car had a lot of power and the Nob was one of the best drivers but we also knew that the HKS car was probably behind in the chassis and aero departments with respect to some of the other Time Attack cars.

Now Time Attack has been relatively dead in the States for a few years but has been making a gradual comeback and the USA Time Attack cars are years behind what is seen at events like WTAC so maybe the well sorted out HKS car could clean house.  We figured that the only car that could really challenge it on the west coast would be the LYFE Motorsports GT-R.

Well, we were eager to get a close look at the car at the HKS Speedring and it really surprised us, the car is not really a track dedicated race car but rather a rolling showcase of HKS' off the shelf tuning parts. In that respect, it does an incredible job and is an amazing testament to how good off the shelf HKS stuff can be. Read on and take a look inside!


We were expecting the HKS Time Attack Challenge car to be something of a technological terror like the all carbon CT230R Evo from 2007.  

With the way that technology has improved since the debut of that car, we were expecting something like a JGTC GT500 car with way more power that would wipe the floor with anything America could muster up. The amazing fact is that the HKS car is pretty trick, for a street car!  No all out race car, the GT-R is actually pretty close to your typical highly tuned street GT-R!


The HKS Fortified VR38DETT is the center of this amazing car.  Rather than showcasing one-off bespoke racing parts, the engine is full of HKS parts that you can buy off the shelf.

The engine's bottom end uses an HKS 4.3 liter kit which includes forged pistons, H-beam rods and a stroker crank. Stock rod and crank bearings that are WPC treated are used. To seal the heads to the block, HKS MLS head gaskets with a folded stopper layer keep the combustion pressure in the cylinders. 

The stock oiling system and oil pump have been retained to handle lubrication duties, no dry sump or anything too crazy. The VR38DETT has a pretty decently baffled pan and dry sumps the turbos so the stock oil control is better than your typical performance car.


The heads have been ported by HKS and use 1mm oversize intake and exhaust valves.

HKS valve springs and camshafts are used with the intakes having 270 degrees duration and 11mm of lift and the exhaust cams having 278 degrees duration and 11mm of lift. An HKS large plenum intake manifold is used with dual HKS fuel rails feeding two 800cc HKS injectors per cylinder.  An HKS fuel pressure regulator controls the pressures associated with the massive amount of fuel needed.

Although you can't see them, the engine uses tubular fabricated 304 stainless steel HKS exhaust manifolds with twin HKS GT external wastegates controlling the boost for the two HKS GT8267 turbos.  HKS 304 stainless steel 85mm downpipes feed the 100mm HKS Titan exhaust system.


The HKS charge piping features dual HKS SQV blow-off valves and twin Powerflow air filters. 

The ignition system is stock with the exception of HKS Iridium plugs. Engine management is handled by an HKS F-Con V Pro Version 4 ECU. The engine is very impressive putting out an amazing 1252 hp and 970 lb/ft of torque with 400 lb/ft available at only 3000 rpm and rocking power holding to the 7500 rpm fuel cut.  This is awesome, broad, and totally streetable power!

No need to make anything for this monster motor, just order up the parts from HKS and put them in!


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