The Amazing HKS R35 GT-R


In the wheel wells, you can see the HKS fabricated charge pipes feeding the HKS R-Type GT Spec intercooler. The flex hose feeds the brakes to help keep them cool after slowing down the massively heavy GT-R.  

Tarzan Yamada was driving the car at WTAC and he told us that although the car was very fast, it was critical to manage the brakes and tires as the heavy and powerful car could quickly overload them.


Almost 1300 hp requires a lot of fuel and the HKS GT-R handles it JDM style with a lot of fuel pumps!

The car uses a Fuel Safe fuel cell that is sort of just laid into the trunk street tuner style. A single Bosch 044 Motorsports fuel pump feeds VP Q16 fuel to the large aluminum surge tank mounted above the fuel cell.

From the surge tank, 3, count them, Bosch 044 pumps keep the thirsty engine fed!

Here are the main Bosch 044 pumps and filters.  You can forget about luggage we guess! When we said streetable we were not talking about that.
The fuses and relays for the multiple pumps are found on this circuit board mounted on the transmission tunnel where the rear seat used to be.  We don't need no stinking PDM's!  Old school style.
The front brakes feature massive Endless 410mm floating slotted rotors with huge Endless six-piston monoblock endurance racing calipers.

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