The Amazing HKS R35 GT-R


The rear wing is pretty small for the level of power the car has. It is made of carbon fiber and has a single element.

We would probably add a gurney flap to this wing to increase effectiveness with only a low drag penalty.


The wing is mounted over the back of the car which increases its effectiveness.  It has some degree of adjustability.  
(photo by Andrew Perry) The HKS GT-R was a direct contrast to its LYFE Motorsports challenger. The HKS car with its lower downforce, greater power, and less drag was super fast on the oval hitting nearly 180 mph, almost 30 mph faster than the LYFE car.
(photo by Andrew Perry) The LYFE GT-R was much faster on the infield of the tri-oval where its vastly superior aero's huge amounts of Andrew Brillant downforce gave the car a big grip advantage over HKS's street tuner aero. It more than made up for the time lost on the oval here. 
(photo by Andrew Perry) We were majorly impressed with the performance put on by the HKS team. In reality, this car is more a street car than a race car, albeit a highly modified and dialed in street car.

Even though it lost the challenge, this car was able to give the sophisticated and dedicated race car from LYFE Motorsports a run for its money.


(photo by Andrew Perry) The HKS GT-R was built to be a rolling showcase for HKS's tuner parts for the R35 GT-R and not so much as an all dominating time attack car. This car is literally a stone's throw from being a street driven car and would do fine as a daily driver. 

HKS might have lost the battle but the war is just starting. Rumor has it that they may or may not be working on a secret dedicated race only time attack car built to the limit of the rules somewhere in Japan. 

The car will be built to be lightweight and will have modern CFD designed true motorsports aero designed by a top well known aerodynamicist.  Can you imagine that if the current R35 time attack car is a glorified street car, what a full race HKS R35 might do?  Recall what the CT230R Evo did in 2006? Imagine modern power and aero in a lightweight R35?  Look out America the empire may be planning to strike back!



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