The Amazing HKS R35 GT-R


The Endless monoblock calipers are CNC machined from a one-piece forging.  The huge bridge ensures the calipers will be super stiff.  

The calipers are wide to accommodate thick endurance racing Endless pads.  Endurance racing calipers seem to be what track driven GT-R's require since they are so heavy and powerful.


The rear brakes feature an Endless 390mm floating slotted rotor with an Endless monoblock 6 piston caliper and Endless brake pads. It is somewhat unusual for the rear brakes to have such a large caliper. 
The HKS car does not use a racing type dual master cylinder of any sort.  Nothing track at all.

The stock factory hydraulic system is used, stock master cylinder and ABS to boot!

The suspension of the HKS car is amazing for what it does not have.  The front suspension is almost stock.  

An HKS Hyperdamper Max 4 SP Kai coilover holds up the front of the car.  It is a 3-way adjustable remote reservoir damper. The sway bar, lower arm, bushings and tie rod are all GT-R factory stock! 

This may be the most stock suspension found on any time attack car around!

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