The Amazing HKS R35 GT-R


The sole bit of trickness is a Dodson upper control arm which replaces the stock rubber bushings with spherical bearings and allows for adjustment of caster and camber. 
The rear suspension is completely stock with the exception of an HKS 3-way adjustable Hyperdamper Max 4 SP Kai coilover.  This is the most stock suspension ever!  GT-R's handle exceptionally well so HKS must have decided to leave well enough alone!
The HKS 3-way adjustable Hyperdamper Max 4 SP Kai  coilover has damping adjustment for high-speed and low-speed compression damping with rebound adjustment. 

The shocks are also independently adjustable for ride height and spring preload with threaded spring seats and mounting forks.


The HKS Hyperdamper Max 4 SP Kai coilover has the compression adjusters in the remote reservoir canister. The rebound damping adjustment is at the top of the shock shaft.

The GT-R has excellent stock suspension and HKS has found that the car is plenty competitive with just a change of coilovers!


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