Markos’ Snail Performance WRX: Attacking Time with a Message


An Innovate LC-1 wideband controller keeps tabs on the air:fuel ratio.  The LC-1 uses fast direct to digital processing for speed and is self-calibrating.
A CSF radiator keeps the coolant in check and a Killer B Motorsport radiator shroud prevents air from leaking around the radiator. The stock radiator hoses are upgraded to Samco radiator hoses. A little bit of a side story, my bro-in-law had his stock radiator hose crack in the middle of the 405 interstate on his WRX. Don’t let something similar happen to you upgrade to the Samco hoses. My bro-in-law also replaced the stock radiator with an aftermarket one of, I’ll call it brand shiitake mushroom; it didn’t fit and he returned it for another one which also did not fit. Just go with CSF. The other part of the cooling equation is cooling the oil. A Setrab oil cooler is plumbed in using Speedflow AN fittings along with a Mocal thermostatic plate. An oil pump from an 08+ STi flows the oil.
A thin SPAL fan makes space for the intercooler piping going to the ETS front mount. At the top of the picture, you can see the Turbosmart FPR-2000 fuel pressure regulator.
IAG Performance fuel rails feed Injector Dynamics 2000cc injectors to provide enough E85 fuel.
A DeatschWerks 340LPH ethanol compatible in-tank fuel pump acts as a reliable high capacity lift pump to feed the Radium dual pump surge tank. It is very important to only use ethanol compatible products when making the move to E85 and Deatschwerks has an entire line of ethanol resistant lines and fittings to help you plumb your project. The surge tank uses with twin E85 compatible 320 LPH AEM Electronics pumps. This assures that the car will have a continual supply of fuel.
We cannot stress the importance of having a surge tank and a reliable fuel supply enough. The typical stock fuel tank and pickup gives a spotty fuel feed at anything lower than half tank with most cars that produce time attack levels of lateral g’s. Erratic engine output caused by poor fuel feed can be very dangerous when the car is cornering at the limit. Fluctuating fuel pressure and AFR is also dangerous to an engine being run hard at high boost. The Radium surge tanks are great self-contained units that easily eliminate these issues in and easy to install no fabrication way.
The Snail Performance rear strut tower bar with V-brace ties together the tops of the strut mount areas and the middle of the trunk floor. Notice that it takes a rectangular area and basically creates three triangles. Triangles are good for structural strength; just look at bridges, cranes, and any other structural elements.


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