Markos’ Snail Performance WRX: Attacking Time with a Message



A pair of Oreca seats with Scroth 6-point belts keeps everyone in place. A simple 4-point Autopower roll bar is mounted in the rear.


The battery was relocated to right smack dab in the middle of the car, which should mean it basically has no effect on rotational inertia. The relocation from the engine bay also improves the weight distribution as the STI is a bit nose heavy.


Markos’s car is fast, like really fast. And, you could duplicate it all by just buying the same components and bolting them on. There’s no crazy custom aero or crazy custom diffuser. No crazy cutting of bodywork. If you took off the wing, front splitter, and graphics, it would just look like a mild tuner street car. I’m not saying it would be cheap because high quality components were selected. But the parts are also not at the super high end of the cost spectrum, just wisely chosen parts giving the best bang for the buck. The next time you see this pink highlighted missile go by you, don’t forget about breast cancer and the struggles of so many women and their families.



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