Markos’ Snail Performance WRX: Attacking Time with a Message


The front brakes received an upgrade to a StopTech big brake kit.  The StopTech brakes use an ST40 4-piston caliper with large 355mm x 32mm Aerovane rotors that are float mounted on an alloy hat. The Aerovane rotors are CFD optimized to assure a good flow of cooling air through them under race conditions. Since it is really hard to significantly upgrade the rear brakes on the GD WRX due to space constraints, it is important to maintain proper hydralic proportioning in the system and the Stoptech ST40 calipers for this kit use precisely sized pistons to do just that.


The front splitter produced by LMR Development has some additional vertical fences to help control the airflow. The splitter is well-sealed to the bumper and a Quiklatch QR setup makes it easy to take the splitter on and off.
The carbon hood is from Wasp composites. DIY hood venting! Well, with the help of Singular Motorsports who created the louver kit. Remember, a reliable car requires good thermal management. Four Aerolatches are used at the corners of the hood to allow for easy mounting and removal.
Mann Engineering Type-25 inverted coilovers with Swift springs keep the tires in contact with the ground. Camber is adjusted here at the top with the camber plates. Rolling out the primary components of the suspension package are Whiteline sway bars front and rear. To improve all the other little areas, Whiteline’s parts catalog was raided for their: steering rack bushings (absolutely necessary on STIs in my opinion), roll center kit, anti-lift kit, adjustable lateral links, front and rear endlinks, front trailing arm bushings, transmission crossmember bushings, and subframe locking bolts. All of these components work together in taking out the slop creating a chassis which reacts much more directly to inputs.
With the car being in Street class, the whole front interior is still there. Underneath all that is the drivetrain magic. The super clean looking Lathe Werks shifter extension with Eifel Prova shift knob goes to a Kartboy short throw kit and shifter bushings; as fellow SoCal time attack driver Ken Suen says, “time attack is about going fast, but also looking good!” Turn In Concepts Holy shift link bushings further eliminate slop to create a very direct action shifting setup. The transmission is from a JDM Impreza STi RA. Mating the tranny of the engine is an ACT 6-pad race disk with heavy duty pressure plate and STi flywheel. Getting the power to the wheels are Subaru JDM RA A.P. Suretrac front and rear LSDs, a viscous center diff, and STI axles. Out goes the stock steering wheel and airbag (probably a Takata that is recalled anyway), in goes a NRG short hub, Prodrive Rapfix quick release, and Sparco Prodrive steering wheel. An AIMsport Pista MXL data logging dash mounted on the steering column has GPS along with OBD-II compatibility.

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