Mission Raceway: For Those 12 Seconds or Less!


Here is a classic Datsun with a Toyota 2JZE engine lining up against a Nissan 240SX which, I believe, had a built KA-T. Please don't expect me to have indepth notes on these cars – I was literally a tourist enjoying the sights. Great thanks to the staff at Mission Raceway for providing me with media access and allowing for some, hopefully, good photos! All of the staff I interacted with were very approachable and accommodating. They obviously enjoyed being there and had great rapport with the drivers – many of whom were regulars.
There were some cool match-ups like these two German cars facing off against each other. They had a couple of runs together and, if I'm not mistaken, split the wins! Mercedes versus BMW. Which would you choose?
The evening wouldn't have been complete without a GTR present. I believe there were two versions of the GTR running – both RHD models – but I only got a shot of this one.
Bikes, modified, domestic, and a wide range of imports. My bias came through in my photography – I got a lot of Datsun/Nissan photos. In the afternoon the audience was sparse, but come evening the stands filled up nicely.
There is simply nothing like a classic Corvette – and this Washington native is absolutely stunning.


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