Mission Raceway: For Those 12 Seconds or Less!


This Civic belongs to Paulo Ayeras, the owner of AES Auto. Paulo and Carlos opened up their paddock space to me and welcomed me trackside. Paulo's Civic is vastly different that Carlos' NX, but what they have in common is that they are both pristine automobiles and that AES Auto does the work on both of them. The Civic is one of three of Paulo's personal project cars. This is a 98 Civic that is driven daily. Paint is Honda Type R championship white with a C-West body kit.


The AES Auto 1998 Honda Civic has a K24 bottom end mated to a K20 head. Internals include Crower rod and JE pistons contained within stock sleeves. The head refreshed with OEM parts and cams. ARP head studs keep the head attached to the block, with a stock head gasket in between. Here Paulo is checking things over – his runs for the evening were over due to a broken shifter cable.
The Golden Eagle Pro-Series fuel rail contains Bosch 880cc injectors and receives fuel from an Aeromotive 340 fuel pump. The engine is firmly restrained with Innovative mounts.
Paulo makes extensive use of Vibrant Performance components at AES Auto. The engine bay is very clean. Wire tucks are a specialty. His car is an example of what AES Auto can assist his clients and potential clients accomplish with their vehicles. AES can build you over the top with extensive custom fabrication – or a very reasonable performance upgrade with off the shelf parts.


Paulo likes his cars to be an example of what his customers could do relatively easily. The Civic has a Full Race turbo kit (the intake and filter have been removed for this photo), which includes a GT35R turbo, exhaust manifold, downpipe, and intercooler. This is an off the shelf turbo kit that is allowing the Civic, at 11/12psi, to run the 11.28 second passes with a trap speed over 122 mph. Paulo would like to see this car get into the 10s.


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