Mission Raceway: For Those 12 Seconds or Less!


I didn't see the times that this beast put down, but it sounded incredible and looked even better. Major props to the owner. Unfortunately, it apparently left shortly after I arrived and wasn't running in the evening. Notice the speed differential on the rear tire – the letters on the bottom are more focused as they compress together and grip the pavement. 
My favourites for the evening were the pick-up trucks. The Corvette was awesome, but I really liked these trucks.
This Ford beauty ran a 10.41 second quarter mile with a 129 mph trap speed.
Watching a pristine, antique GMC do the best burnout of the evening! Incredible! And I think it also got the award for the loudest vehicle at the track.
Simply WOW!
Wheelie bars and the parachute were a sure sign that this GMC meant business. Lifting the front wheels off the line, it ran a 7.98 second quarter with a trap speed of 170 mph during this test and tune run. I'm guessing there's even more there – when it's a serious event!

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