Mission Raceway: For Those 12 Seconds or Less!


The Cusco cage, powdercoated blue to clean it up, was an item that was from a prior project and was sitting at the shop. Ride comfort is provided with Bride seats and the driver is further held in place by a Takata harness. Tuning is done by Paulo, with the car being controlled with a KPro Hondata engine management system.
At the dragstrip, Varrstoen wheels on the front wear Mickey Thompson MT 24.5 8:15 tires. On the street it's Volk Racing GTCs with 215/40/17 tires. In the future, Paulo may set the car up a bit differently and take it out road racing. It is a well balanced car and, having done road racing in the past, would like to get back to that.


The C-West body kit has great lines. The exhaust was fabricated by AES – 3″ full exhaust with mandrel bends ending with a magnaflow muffler. Paulo has a great rapport with his clients – I saw that first hand with the number who dropped by the AES Auto paddock at Mission to offer support to Paulo and Carlos. Paulo's goal is to build clean, reliable cars that reflect what his customers want to drive and can afford to drive. He's more than happy to finish a project that a customer or another shop initiated. Before opening AES Auto, Paulo was a co-owner of Keep Labs. This successful shop had to close in 2010, shortly after the economy took a downturn and cars simply didn't arrive at the shop. There are a lot of folks that are glad that Paulo is back in business with AES Auto. Located in Burnaby, B.C., AES Auto can house six vehicles and has a Mustang MD-250 Dyno. I'm looking forward to Paulo having time to work on his next two project cars. An 11 second Lexus that has a full interior; a 1977 Corolla that's undergoing a full Restomod and will be getting a 3SGe.
Like most shop owners, Paulo spends more time working on his clients' vehicles than his own. He was chatting with quite a few folks about their vehicles – which he had worked on – throughout the evening. In particular, Carlos and his huge WHP 1991 Nissan NX2000, is a client that Paulo is very pleased to have representing the AES Auto logo. 


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AES Automotive

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