Monitoring the S2000’s F20C Engine with Autometer!

The wires were covered in plastic split loom tubing to protect them from chafing, run through the firewall into the cowl area then into the engine compartment.  The wires were zip tied to existing OEM wiring in this area and though out the engine compartment.

The protected wires before the cowl cover was put back on.

The wires were brought through the interior of the car,

The power wire was tapped into the OEM radio power wire so the power would only be on when the key was turned on.

The gauge illumination power wire was tapped into the radio illumination wire so the gauges would be lit whenever that dash lights were on.

The grounds for the gauges were attached to an OEM ground on the inside of the car in the driver’s side kick panel.


  1. The thread type should be called out as BSPT, to differentiate from BSPP. BPT is an incomplete designation. It is interesting to see the British influence on Japan carries through to this day.

    You are very bold drilling a vertical hole through your cowl into the driver’s compartment. Here in the northeast I would be very concerned about water intrusion. I’d be filling that grommet with RTV or some other type of sealant.

    1. I stand corrected, upon closer inspection, it looks like you may have a BSPP (parallel) connection that seals on the face rather than a BSPT connection that seals on the threads.

    2. It is actually not a vertical hole, it just looks that way in pictures and its near other OEM pass-throughs.

  2. I stand corrected, this looks like a BSPP connection that seals on the face rather than a BSPT connection that seals on the threads.

  3. I installed my Oil Pressure and other gauges the exact same way. I was feeling kind of insecure thinking that there could have been a cleaner way to do it (of course there is), but knowing that others have done the same makes me feel validated.

  4. Where did you guys get the 1/8″ bspt to -3 an adapter from? I am having a hard time finding one! If you have extra, can I buy it off you guys 🙂 I’m local to socal.

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