Motion Sport Compact Auto Show and Expo 2011



 Lots of old school JDM goodness at the show like this 60 Series Toyota Starlet.  


Old school, meet high tech.  Individual Throttle Bodies (ITB’s) and what looks like a custom carbon fiber timing cover.


 Plenty of domestic crossbreeding happens once you start building a serious drag car like this Mazda. 


 The rotary looks to have a relatively small turbo.  I say relative because check out the rear end.  


 Huge Goodyear gumballs and a Ford 9” rear end help this car put all that power to the ground.  


Even while surrounded by an abundance of beautiful models, MotoIQ resident Khiem Dinh finds a way to do some math calculations at the show.


Khiem didn’t even notice this model standing right behind him.  


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