Motion Sport Compact Auto Show and Expo 2011



 Whatcha’ got there Mike? Kerryann and Scott inspect the Long Beach Convention Center’s food offerings.  


Instead of using your self proclaimed expert forum guru for info you can come down to the Motion show and get reliable information from the actual manufacturers.  Turbosmart as well as many of the other leading vendors were out in force to answer questions about their product.


This S2000 is a perfect example of the Hellaflush stance.  


This S2000 has got the Hellafunctional stance going on.  This and other S2000’s where rocking fender mods that are just as functional as they are stylish.  Rotating wheels & tires play a huge role in the overall aerodynamic picture and the rear fender cut allows high pressure air to escape.


If a Honda S2000 is Yin, the Dodge Viper is Yang.  Big, heavy, and torquey are three things you probably wouldn’t use to describe an S2000.  This Viper sports twin Borg Warner turbos and a host of other goodies to make 2000hp @ 12psi.  I can’t even imagine what this thing makes on high boost!  


NOS Energy Drink had this very cool ice sculpture so you can taste your new NOS flavor ice cold.  The Charged Citrus is pretty tasty and is similar to Sprite.


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