Motion Sport Compact Auto Show and Expo 2011



The KW Suspensions booth had two very different BMW’s on display.  Mike Essa’s Formula Drift car runs KW’s 3 way competition coilovers designed for professional racing while the Attic Clothing E92 M3 showcases the new KW HLS (Hydraulic Lift System).  The KW HLS aren’t designed for a Snoop Dog “three wheel motion” but something more of a temporary ride height adjuster for clearing steep driveways and large speedbumps.  You can pair the HLS kits with your KW Variant 3’s on your daily driver!


The European Auto Source E92 M3 is sporting a VF Engineering blower kit on top of the already potent S65 4.0L V8.  


The new crop of turbocharged BMW’s have become a major player in the import tuning community.  BMW specialist LTBMW churns out yet another fine example of a BMW street machine with a sprinkling of JDM flare.  


The MFEST guys & gals showed up in force and took over a pretty big chunk of the floor.  They must have brought at least fifty high quality M cars.  


What is the German translation for “hella flush yo!”. I would think that most of these cars run air bag suspensions but I’m not 100% sure.  I don’t think you can drive like that with the rim hitting the fender.  It does look pretty mean though. 


Novella Nikita was kind enough to pose for us in the KW Suspensions booth.


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