MotoIQ Hellafunctional Showdown Presented by KW

This tastefully modded FR-S was piloted by Steve Velasquez. We were personally digging the rear window louvers. It fit the car well and it was a nice throwback to the rare Levin fastback louvers.


Steve piloted his FR-S around our Super-G course in 31.65 seconds. His best lap time was also around our Left course. A real plus of our Super-G course is the ability to toss your car around safely in the infield as you search for its limits.


The sole FWD competitor was this pretty racey looking EG Hatch. If the single-jingle, non-VTEC, D15 powered Civic still had its interior it would probably be the closest competitor to the G35 sedan for worst power to weight ratio of the day.


The Civic was the surprise of the day, not for its blistering lap times, but the fact that it was our very own The Drift League announcer Joe Macasero behind the wheel! Staying true to the “Quitters Never Prosper” decal on the side of his car, Joe was running back and forth from the announcer’s box to the hot pits just so he could get some laps in. I didn’t realize this until I heard him over the track’s PA system in between runs. That’s dedication!
Joe was definitely our resident cone killer of the day, as he managed to miss the stop box a few times going in a bit too hot. Can’t really blame him though since his EG is a momentum car that he needed to push to its limits to be competitive in this group. Though he had a few zeros due to his limit finding missions, he managed to barely squeeze by Steve’s FR-S with a 31.64.


If there was a most JDM award it would totally go to Rafael Guerrero’s 1992 Mazda RX7. We’ve been around our Project V8 RX7 so much that we have almost forgotten how good the stock FD lines look. The cosmetic upgrades on Rafael’s car were very tasteful and everything flowed well together – the wing, the rear diffuser, the wheels. It all just looked good!


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