MotoIQ Hellafunctional Showdown Presented by KW

The rotary powered FD was the first of our competitors in the 30-second range. It clocked its best lap around our Left course with a 30.84.


If you’re seeing a pattern here, you are not wrong. The Left course was definitely a bit faster than the Right course. We feel it had mostly to do with the turn before the last straight on the Right course. That turn is near part of the drift course we left partially set-up for the sake of making track set-up more efficient, but the additional cones may have confused some drivers a bit.  Drivers, sound off in the comments and give us your opinions on why you think one side was faster than the other.


Considering we were at a drift event it was quite fitting to have an S chassis in the mix. Pablo Cabrera was actually supposed to compete in the first round of The Drift League, but being in one of the top spots in the standing at Top Drift he made the sensible decision and sat out in order to save his car from the wear and tear of another competition. So he brought out his streetcar to play with us anyways!


The S13 is from 1990 so it is officially the oldest car in our competition. It’s powered by a boosted KA24 and as you can see, it has a very functional stance. Pablo’s best time was a 30 flat and it was done on his last pass through our, you guessed it, Left course.


Our first EDM entry is Juan Carranza’s BMW E36 M3. This E36 is clean and had some well-placed mods. Such as a functional roll-bar, Sparco driver’s seat, Apex wheels and a small front splitter which complements the OE rear wing well. Other than that, it was left in its original form. It even had the OE vacuum cleaner in the engine bay (inside BMW-guy joke).


We hear Juan is an avid track day goer and we’re sure that helped get him into the 29’s. The M3 just barely broke into the 29’s with a 29.94.


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