MotoIQ Hellafunctional Showdown Presented by KW

After our drivers’ meeting, and immediately after qualifying for The Drift League, all the Hellafunctional Showdown participants line up in the hot-pit area and get ready to go out on their parade lap around the course. The parade lap is a chance for the drivers to get familiar with the location of the cones, apexes, and stop-box section. Big thanks go out to our industry friends who brought out their company builds. The Whiteline Mustang and CSF M5 proved they are not to be considered hard-parkers!


Our trusty daily-driven Project SE-R worked double duty as the official course test vehicle and pace car for the parade lap. We can’t wait to grow this event so we can have more on-track staff…so we can sneak in a few competition laps!


Great shot of the vehicular diversity of the competition in our inaugural Hellafunctional Showdown presented by KW.  We had a good cross-section of import, domestic and euro manufactures represented in our line up. Here we had stopped traffic to ensure our drivers knew exactly where the stop-box was and the stop-box rules.


The lap timers stop when the front wheels cross the first cones of the stop-box (cones with the flags), but the front and rear of the vehicle must be inside the stop-box for lap times to count. If any part of the car is outside the box, you get a GOOSE EGG!


We started off with Anthony Jackson in his 2005 Infiniti G35. We don’t have exact weights or power numbers for our participants’ cars, but I would venture to say this G35 probably had the worst power to weight ratio of any of our competitors.


The Infiniti sedan clocked in a best overall lap time of 33.16. Its best lap was around the Left course. (if you look at the track map on page 1, the Left course is in Red and the Right course is in Green)


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