Motovicity Ticket to Ride – Ford Mustang Build Part 1

Motovicity Ticket to Ride – Ford Mustang Build Part 1

by Martin Gonzales

You've seen the cars, you've seen the parts, now it's time to check out the builds! We kick off our Motovicity Ticket to Ride build series by visiting the team over at Performance & Styling in Connecticut that won the 2013 Ford Mustang thanks to Motivicity's Ticket to Ride Contest. In part one we take a closer look as the team from Performance & Styling turns up the performance output of the Motovicity Ticket to Ride Ford Mustang with the help of StopTech, Gates, BBK, Royal Purple and Sparco.

Performance & Styling is a performance shop in Manchester, CT dedicated to high performance street builds and race cars alike. Thanks to Motovicity's diverse and complete line of performance parts they've been able to offer their services to a much larger group of performance enthusiasts that include fans of import, domestic and European cars.

Before the Mustang was even delivered to Performance & Styling, the team had already received the majority of the performance parts they would be bolting on. So as soon as the car entered the shop, parts started flying off. Today we'll be taking a closer look at the first phase of performance parts added to the Ticket to Ride Ford Mustang and we start off with the brakes.

Anyone that has driven a stock Mustang knows that the stock brakes are adequate to slow the car down under normal driving conditions, but that's all they are…adequate. A lot of heat is created when you're slowing down a 3,500+ pound vehicle, so if you're planning on doing any sort of performance driving they are an area that should definitely be upgraded. In order to obtain consistent braking performance and pedal feel over long hard driving sessions Motovicity teamed up with StopTech. The StopTech Big Brake kit for the Mustang (part# 82.330.4700.71 ) uses the tried and true ST40 four piston caliper seen in many of their Big Brake kits, along with a set of slotted rotors, and stainless steel brake lines.


StopTech's Big Brake Kit (part# 82.330.4700.71) for the Ford Mustang comes complete with 4-piston ST40 calipers, mounting brackets, slotted rotors, pads, brake lines and all necessary mounting and installation hardware. The STR600 racing brake fluid is readily available and can be purchased separately. 
REMEMBER: StopTech Big Brake Kits always come in two boxes and the boxes don't all have the same contents. Each box has one complete side (caliper and rotor), but one box will have the brake pads for both sides, while the other has the brake lines and hardware for both sides. So before you freak out and think you're missing any parts, be sure to unpack everything first. 
Where all the stopping magic comes from! The StopTech ST40 calipers are a two piece forged aluminum design that use a bolt-in bridge to help prevent deflection under extreme braking loads. The bolt-in bridge also makes brake pad changes a snap, as all you have to do is remove the two allen head bolts and BOOM! Extremely convenient when swapping in your race pads at the track.
A comparison of the ST40 4-piston caliper and the OE Ford Mustang single piston slide-type caliper. The increased rigidity of the StopTech caliper combined with the stainless steel brake lines will translate to a much more solid and consistent pedal feel.


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